Yeasayer - Amen & Goodbye

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LP features double vinyl & full gatefold. Includes digital download card. The gatefold imagery wraps around revealing the full installation set created by David Altmejd specifically for Yeasayer.

Amen & Goodbye features Yeasayer's trademark sound without sounding like anything the band has done before. They have created a collection of strange fables from the Bible of a universe that does not yet exist.

1. Daughters of Cain
2. I Am Chemistry
3. Silly Me
4. Half Asleep
5. Dead Sea Scrolls
6. Prophecy Gun
7. Computer Canticle 1
8. Divine Simulacrum
9. Child Prodigy
10. Gerson's Whistle
11. Uma
12. Cold Night
13. Amen & Goodbye

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2LP & Full Gatefold, download card included.

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Amen & Goodbye - Full Gatefold Artwork