Liars - 1/1 (Music For The Motion Picture) - Liars

Liars - 1/1 (Music For The Motion Picture)

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Liars 1/1 (Music For The Motion Picture), the new soundtrack album from Liars out July 20, 2018. Originally recorded in 2015, this release marks the last recording of Liars’ core team of Angus Andrews and Aaron Hemphill. Liars’ daring soundtrack will leave you breathless, and undone in a million pieces.

Tracklist: 1. No Now Not Your Face 2. Cottagevej 3. Caused By The Glitch 4. Helsingor Lane 5. Lesson In Threes 6. Telepathic Interrogation 7. Gesta Danorum 8. Caused By The Pitch

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