Moderat Live - 2LP


Moderat Live will finally be available as a bespoke double vinyl, featuring a hand-pulled screen print adaption of the cover artwork and includes a 20-page long exclusive booklet. Limited edition, only 2000 pieces worldwide.

Tracklist: 1. Intro (Live) 2. Ghostmother (Live) 3. A New Error (Live) 4. Intruder (Live) 5. Bad Kingdom (Live) 6. Damage Done (Live) 7. Animal Trails (Live) 8. Reminder (Live) 9. Eating Hooks (Live V2) 10. Eating Hooks - Siriusmo Remix (Live) 11. Rusty Nails (Live) 12. The Fool (Live) 13. Last Time (Live) 14. Nr.22 (Live)