Telex - How Do You Dance? LP (Remastered) - Telex

Telex - How Do You Dance? LP (Remastered)


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Mute is excited to announce the reissue of Telex’s How Do You Dance? Out November 10th on black vinyl.

How Do You Dance? was originally released in 2006 as the band’s sixth studio album. The record proved that Telex remained not only true to themselves but had grown with the new developments in musical software.

This is released alongside black vinyl reissues of Wonderful World and Looney Tunes following the limited edition color vinyl box set release and individual releases of Looking For Saint-Tropez, Neurovision and Sex.

The Belgian synthpop trio - Marc Moulin (1942- 2008), Lacksman and Michel Moers - launched in Brussels in 1978 and, as one of only a handful of synthpop pioneers at the time, helped bring electronic pop to the mainstream. Telex announced their retirement in 2008, following Moulin’s death, and in 2021 began a new partnership with Mute beginning with the release of This Is Telex.

Tracklist: A1 On The Road Again A2 How Do You Dance? A3 This Is Your Song A4 The Number One Song In Heaven B1 J’aime la vie B2 White Noise B3 Move! B4 Jailhouse Rock B5 Do Worry B6 La Bamba-X