acr:set - A Certain Ratio


Mute are delighted to announce the A Certain Ratio compilation, acr:set. Each order from the Mute store will include a FREE print signed by the band!

This compilation includes the first new music from the band in 10 years in the form of “Dirty Boy” featuring vocals from the inimitable Barry Adamson (co-founder of Magazine and the Bad Seeds alongside Nick Cave).

Track list 1 Do The Du (Casse) 2 Wild Party (12" Version) 3 Flight (12" Version) 4 And Then Again (12" Version) 5 Forced Laugh 6 Wonder Y 7 Mickey Way (12" Version) 8 27 Forever (7" Version) 9 Won't Stop Loving You (7" Bernard Sumner Mix) 10 Good Together (12" Version) 11 Be What You Wanna Be (12" Version) 12 Shack Up (7" Version) 13 The Fox (US 12" Version) 14 Knife Slits Water (7" Version) 15 Si Firmo O Grido 16 Dirty Boy Extended (Featuring Barry Adamson) 17 Make It Happen

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