Cabaret Voltaire - Methodology '74 / '78 Attic Tapes 7xLP - Cabaret Voltaire

Cabaret Voltaire - Methodology '74 / '78 Attic Tapes 7xLP


A1. Exhaust A2. Synthi AKS (Piece One) A3. Synthi AKS (Piece Two) A4. Jet Passing Over A5. Sad Synth A6. Treated Guitar B1. Treated Clarinet B2. Treated Drum Machine B3. Possibility Of A Bum Trip B4. Space Patrol B5. Jack Stereo Unit C1. Magnet C2. Counter Reaction C3. Capsules (Version) D1. Makes Your Mouth Go Funny D2. Dream Sequence Number Three (Short Version) D3. Reverse (Piece One) D4. Stolen From Spectra E1. Shes Black (Part One) E2. Jive E3. The Single E4. Speed Kills E5. Fascist Police State F1. Synthi AKS (Piece Three) F2. Data Processing Instructions F3. Fuse Mountain F4. Calling Moscow G1. Dream Sequence Number Two (Ethel's Voice) G2. The Attic Tapes G3. Treated Speech H1. Dream Sequence Number Three (Long Version) H2. Henderson Reversed (Piece Two) I1. Bed Time Stories I2. Loves In Vein I3. Do The Mussolini (Head Kick) (They Kill Him Dub) I4. Shes Black (Part Two) J1. Its Not Music J2. Slo Change J3. Original Voice Of America K1. Heaven And Hell K2. Do The Mussolini (Head Kick) K3. Here She Comes Now L1. Capsules L2. Oh Roger L3. Havoc L4. Talkover M1. No Escape M2. Photophobia M3. The Set Up N1. A Minute Is A Life Time N2. Baader Meinhof N3. Nag Nag Nag N4. Its About Now