Lee Ranaldo - Electric Trim - Lee Ranaldo

Lee Ranaldo - Electric Trim

Electric Trim was recorded in New York City and Barcelona in collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez and award winning New York author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless Brooklyn / The Fortress of Solitude) who worked with Ranaldo on lyrics on six of the songs. The album extends the work of Ranaldo’s solo canon, through his collaboration with Fernandez, Ranaldo moves into some rich new sonic territories and production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside live players.

Ranaldo is a co-founder of Sonic Youth, a visual artist, producer and writer. On his Songs & Stories tour he has been performing songs from Electric Trim, showing films (including footage of some of his early influences and rare Sonic Youth performances) and telling stories from his early days in New York, his years with Sonic Youth and beyond.

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