Liars - Liars (Limited Edition Recycled Color Vinyl) - Liars

Liars - Liars (Limited Edition Recycled Color Vinyl)

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Liars is the new installment from the Liars’ reissue series, where every two months an album from the back catalog is released on limited edition recycled color vinyl. Includes a printed inner sleeve and audio download code.

Originally released in 2007 and recorded on the heels of 2006’s Drum’s Not Dead somewhere between LA and Berlin, the album marked another bold transition for the band. They took a more practical approach for this album, one based on traditional song structures and instrument usage, with Angus explaining at the time of release that “I’d never felt like a songwriter ‘til this album.”

  1. Plaster Casts of Everything
  2. Houseclouds
  3. Leather Prowler
  4. Sailing to Byzntium
  5. What Would They Know
  6. Cycle Time
  7. Freak Out
  8. Pure Unevil
  9. Clear Island
  10. The Dumb in the Rain
  11. Protection