A Luminous Place by Looper - Looper

A Luminous Place by Looper

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An 18-track collection of short, perfectly formed lo-fi jazz-hop instrumental beats.

Looper's Stuart David explains, "These beats were originally written for inclusion on various lo-fi jazz-hop playlists and intended for peripheral listening. We have tried to maintain that listening experience while gathering these tracks together as one album."

Side A.

  • Faraway Near
  • Blurred Stars
  • Day of Days
  • Always Almost
  • Cote D'Azur
  • Heatwave
  • Wandering
  • Palm-Wine Drinkard
  • South Beach Kiosk

Side B.

  • Summer On Roseangle
  • Up High
  • A Luminous Place
  • Piano, Window, Piano
  • Vanilla Skies
  • Yink This
  • The Drifter
  • Words On Paper
  • Glider

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