Maps - Counter Melodies - Maps

Maps - Counter Melodies

Mercury-nominated artist Maps, aka James Chapman, presents his fifth studio album, Counter Melodies. Out February 10th on limited edition white vinyl and CD. The vinyl includes an A4 art print signed and individually numbered by Maps. Maps’ music has always embraced melancholia, but with Counter Melodies Chapman was keen to produce something that was upbeat and uplifting, allowing him to journey far away from the dystopian news flow. The album is a new adventure through the familiar emotional terrain of the Maps sound, while also transporting you to more resolutely optimistic and hopeful places.

  1. Witchy Feel
  2. Heya Yaha
  3. Thru Lights
  4. Psyche
  5. Windows Open
  6. Transmission
  7. Lack Of Sleep
  8. Valentine
  9. Fever Dream
  10. My Love Is Like
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