Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - The Bridge - Thomas Leer and Robert Rental

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental - The Bridge

  1. Attack Decay 2.Monochrome Days
  2. Day Breaks, Night Heals
  3. Connotations
  4. Fade Away
  5. Interferon
  6. Six A.M.
  7. The Hard Way In and the Easy Way Out
  8. Perpetual

The Bridge is a seminal electronic album that will now be available on vinyl for the first time since its original release in 1979 and on CD for the first time since 1992. With Robert unfortunately passing away in 2000, this record, Leer and Rental’s one and only album together, stands alone in capturing the duo’s pioneering capabilities.

The Bridge was originally released on Throbbing Gristle’s Industrial Records label in 1979 and is considered to be an early electronic avant-garde synth-pop masterpiece, seeing the likes of John Foxx, Propaganda, and Art of Noise citing the pair as key influences. Rental also collaborated with Mute Records founder Daniel Miller on the The Normal’s second release Live at West Runton Pavilion in 1980.

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